Thank you for considering a donation

In considering a donation, the Clubs (Ellerslie Football Club, Ellerslie Cricket Club and Ellerslie Sports Club) would like to make you aware of the following:

  • All monies donated for the Project will be held in a separate Donations Account, and those monies will not be available to either Club for day-to-day operational expenses.
  • The Donations Account will be under the stewardship of the EAFC President and Treasurer, together with Mr Alex Houghton, BVO Chartered Accountant and Auditor to Ellerslie Football Club.
  • Funds added to the Donations Account will only be disbursed on Project related costs.
  • Should the project not proceed, all monies donated, less monies expended to the date of abandonment, will be reimbursed pro rata to donors. For this reason ALL donors are required to record their contact details online via the yellow button below.
  • None of the Clubs is a registered charity, so any donations are NOT tax deductible to the donor.
  • Subject to your approval in respect of your name, all donors down to Bronze level (e.g. a donation of $250 or more) will be acknowledged on a "Names of Donors" board. The board will be displayed in the completed club rooms when the Project is complete.


When you register as a Donor you will be asked to fill in your details then select the level of donation you wish to make. 

The donation levels you will be able to choose during the registration process are as follows:

Note: If any donor wishes to contribute by way of spreading their donation over a 5 month period, we can accommodate that as well.

The Clubs wish to thank you for your generous support of this exciting project for our community.

If you have any queries about making your donation, please contact Mark Weipers, President of Ellerslie AFC, on or on 021 941 139.

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